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Camera Module Customization Process

1 According to the actual application scene and functional target, the camera module needs to comprehensively consider the product structure size, image definition, frame rate, lens angle, lighting scene and other factors to choose the appropriate SENSOR,lens and solution. Need to be customized.These product is only for customer testing DEMO, please contact our customer service to inform you which product you want the camera module to be used on? What functions are implemented? Any special requirements? According to the cost target and other comprehensive Factors, we help you choose the appropriate SENSER+lens scheme, and then design the product PCB or FPC according to the structural requirements.

2 Example: a customer prepared to do a person identify comparison machine. If it is used in the indoor with good light , we suggest the customer to use ordinary lens and SENSOR. If there is bad light or backlight, we suggest the customer to use WDR wide dynamic SENSOR. If the customer has very high security requirements, we recommend that the customer use WDR and the black and white infrared binocular recognition camera module. When the client determines the SENSOR and lens scheme, the parameters such as color, white balance and Saturation should be adjusted according to the actual environment to achieve the target effect.

Camera Module Design Process

Structure for sample build

Chip Information

A. Video Format
B. Pixel Size
C. Image Area Size
D. Image Area Position (X, Y)
E. Chip Size
F. Wafer Thickness
G. Chip shift

FPC Information

A. Module mounting method (Direct main board insert or FPC)
B. FPC bonding land layout
C. ZIF connector model
D. FPC length

Module Dimension

Lens design

Lens ass'y design

Holder design

IR filter size

Board design

FPC design

Tray design

Lens Spec

A. Lens construction
B. Angle of view
C. Focal length
D. Relative aperture
E. Relative illumination
F. Back of focal length
G. Etc

Substrate Dimension

A. PCB size & thickness
B. Bottom mold size & thickness
C. PCB pin hole size & position

Packing information

A. Tray dimension
B. Tray array

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Camera Module Application Areas

  • Imaging and vision solutions
  • Machine vision
  • Future Security
  • Camera Module Customized solutions
  • Iris recognition technology
  • Face recognition
  • Smart home solutions
  • Professional camera Modules
  • Airborne camera Modules
  • UAV Special Modules
  • Aerial filming solutions
  • Mobile Phone Camera module
  • Optronics Solutions
  • Video technology solutions
  • Infrared Imagers for Industry
  • Integrated complex and customized technology
  • Intelligent Systems
  • Optical technology solutions
  • Internet of Things End-to-End Solution
  • Iris Solutions
  • VR High End Camera Solutions
  • Intelligent hardware solutions
  • Specially designed for small UAV
  • UAV solutions
  • Drone solutions
  • Optical Technology solutions
  • Camera solutions
  • Imaging Technology Solutions
  • Optoelectonic research
  • Embedded Systems solutions