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Refurbished Notebook Webcam Module Replacements For LG N450

Refurbished Notebook Webcam Module Replacements For LG N450


This is the new original LG laptop webcam module replacements for LG N450. We also have second-hand disassembled and OEM ones, which are widely used in the notebook,laptop repair market. We have many wholesalers and customers from all over the world. The product quality is reliable, original and disassembled’s quantity is limited, but the OEM can be customized at any time and at any quantity. Inquiries are welcome, bulk wholesale price concessions.


If you also need other laptop webcams,below is a list of what we can offer,and if what you’re looking for is not in the list,please feel free to contact us for more information.



Camera Module Application Areas



Imaging and vision solutions                               Integrated complex and customized technology
Machine vision                                                     Intelligent Systems
Future Security                                                     Optical technology solutions
Camera Module Customized solutions                Internet of Things End-to-End Solution
Iris recognition technology                                  Iris Solutions
Face recognition                                                  VR High End Camera Solutions
Smart home solutions                                          Intelligent hardware solutions
Professional camera Modules                              Specially designed for small UAV
Airborne camera Modules                                   UAV solutions
UAV Special Modules                                           Drone solutions
Aerial filming solutions                                        Optical Technology solutions
Mobile Phone Camera module                            Camera solutions
Optronics Solutions                                              Imaging Technology Solutions
Video technology solutions                                 Optoelectonic research
Infrared Imagers for Industry                               Embedded Systems solutions

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